ST Mold Builder Liquid Latex Rubber-150ml-500ml


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“Top-Notch Mold Builder: Liquid Latex Rubber by ST Company –

  1. High-Quality Material: Crafted from premium-grade liquid latex rubber for superior mold-making performance.
  2. Versatile Application: Ideal for creating molds of various shapes and sizes, suitable for both intricate and straightforward projects.
  3. Easy-to-Use: User-friendly formulation allows for effortless application and removal, even for beginners.
  4. Durable and Flexible: Produces durable molds with excellent elasticity, ensuring longevity and ease of demolding.
  5. Quick Drying: Rapid curing time minimizes waiting periods, allowing for faster production cycles.
  6. Excellent Detail Reproduction: Captures intricate details with precision, delivering professional-grade results every time.
  7. Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of casting materials, including plaster, concrete, resins, and more.
  8. Non-Toxic and Safe: Formulated with non-toxic ingredients, making it safe for use in various artistic and industrial applications.
  9. Weather and Chemical Resistance: Provides resistance against weather elements and chemicals, maintaining mold integrity over time.
  10. Cost-Effective: Offers exceptional value for money with its high performance and affordable pricing.
    1. “Outstanding Results!” “I’ve been using ST Company’s mold builder liquid latex rubber for my sculpture projects, and I’m blown away by the results. The detail reproduction is exceptional, and it’s so easy to work with. Highly recommend!”
    2. “A Game-Changer for Mold Making” “I’ve tried several mold-making products in the past, but none compare to this one. The latex rubber by ST Company dries quickly, yet remains flexible enough for intricate molds. It’s versatile, reliable, and has become a staple in my workshop.”
    3. “Beginner-Friendly and Effective” “As someone new to mold making, I was nervous about trying a new product, but ST Company’s liquid latex rubber exceeded my expectations. It’s incredibly easy to use, and the molds turn out perfectly every time. Definitely boosted my confidence!”
    4. “Impressive Durability” “I’ve been using this liquid latex rubber for industrial applications, and I’m impressed by its durability. The molds hold up well against repeated use and maintain their shape over time. It’s a reliable solution for our manufacturing needs.”
    5. “Great Value for Money” “I’ve compared prices across various brands, and ST Company offers the best value for the quality you get. The coverage is excellent, and a little goes a long way. Plus, the molds come out smooth and detailed. Couldn’t ask for more!”
    6. Q: How long does it take for the liquid latex rubber to dry? A: The drying time can vary depending on factors such as temperature and humidity. Typically, it dries within a few hours at room temperature.

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Liquid Latex

150 ml, 500 ml


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