Klay-On! Plus 10 Colors – 150g



Klay-On! Plus 10 Colors – 150g

  • Excellent Modelling/Sculpting Material
  • Meets All Standards in its Class
  • Maybe Used Multiple Times till Baked and Hardened
  • Opens Up Infinite Possibilities for the Artistic Minds
  • Lasting Impression Once Baked and/or Finished
  • Accepts a Wide Range of Finishing Paints and Powders
  • Suggested Baking Time: Approx. 30 min.
  • Suggested Temperature: Uniform 140 Degree Celsius
  • •Increased Strength
  • •Flexible Baking Temperature Range
  • •Higher Heat Tolerance
  • •Texture Retention after baking
  • •Matte Finish
  • •Easy to work with.


is a specially formulated Polymer Clay that is fun and easy to work with and turns into a piece of art once properly baked. It may be used to create miniature and larger-sized ornaments, reliefs and other crafting projects. The only limit is the artist’s own imagination and articulation

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