Klay-On! Oven Bake Polymer Clay


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Klay-On Polymer Clay

For ages 7 years and onwards. For use under adult supervision.
Klay-On!TM Plus Oven-Bake Polymer Clay is a specially formulated type of plastic material.
PLUS Features:
• Increased Strength
• Flexible Baking Temperature Range
• Higher Heat Tolerance
• Texture Retention after baking
• Matte Finish
• Easy to work with
General Use & Safety:
• Do not place in the mouth.
• Do not place modelling clay on furniture or finished surfaces.
• Do not exceed the temperature beyond 170oC or harmful gases maybe produced.
Store Klay-On!TM covered with aluminum foil, Ziploc or in cling film (PE) at room temperature.
Useful Suggestions:
• Work area, hands and tools should be clean as the clay easily gets dirty.
• Glass or metal surface, disposable foil, or wax paper are good working surfaces.
• Do not place unbaked clay on finished surfaces, furniture, flooring, carpeting or fabric.
• Work from light colors to dark colors.
• Knead clay until soft and smooth. Shape and tool into desired form.
• Pieces thicker than 12mm (1/2”) are prone to cracking when baked and should be ‘bulked out’ with crumpled aluminum foil or armature wire.
• To clean hands use thinner or alcohol swab, and then use soap and water.
• Pre-heat the oven, bake Klay-On!TM polymer clay on a temperature setting of 150oC.
• The clay should bake for 30 minutes for each 6mm (1/4”) of thickness.
• Do not Microwave.
• Klay-On!TM Plus will only be completely hardened when cooled down to room temperature.
• The clay may darken slightly after baking.
• Once cool, baked pieces become hard and can be polished, sanded, drilled, carved and painted with 100% acrylic paints.
• If using oil-based paints or water-based acrylics, the items can be sealed with a glaze before or after painting.
• Pottery or dishes made with polymer clays should be used for decorative purposes only, not with food, beverages or smoking materials.
• To connect Klay-On!TM Plus with metal parts or repair broken parts, use epoxy glue.



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