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The DONG YANG CORRECTION TAPE 36 DY-8223 is a compact and efficient correction tape dispenser designed for quick and easy correction of written errors. Here are some key features and details of the product:

  • Model: DY-8223
  • Brand: Dong Yang
  • Tape Width: 6mm
  • Tape Length: 36 meters
  • Color: Typically white tape, with a variety of dispenser colors available
  • Usage: Ideal for correcting handwritten or printed text on paper
  • Design: Ergonomic design for comfortable use, often featuring a protective cap to prevent the tape from drying out or becoming damaged
  • Application: Smooth application without creating wrinkles or tears in the paper; suitable for use on various paper types
  • Refillable: Some models may offer refillable tape options, but the DY-8223 is generally a disposable unit

The DONG YANG CORRECTION TAPE 36 DY-8223 is popular for its long tape length, ensuring extended use before needing a replacement, and its consistent performance in providing clean, precise corrections.


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